Club History

Founded in 1971, the golf club was one of the first sub clubs of the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. The AGM held on 05/08/1971 paved the way for the club we have today, including Sunday games each fortnight.
For the 1st year there were 22 members of the club, with Mr Arthur Webber the President. Since this time there have been a number of people who have contributed their time and effort to the club to enable golfers to enjoy their games. The following people have been awarded Life Membership.

1983 - Alan Maris
1985 - John Hutchinson
1987 - Sid Titterton
1993 - Steve Ferns
1997 - Sam Crawford
2004 - Tim Brooks
2007 - Colin Cope
2010 - Tony Tedesco
2013 - Rick Beves
2017 - Ulla Wood